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Frequent Visitors

If you are Liliput's big fan, consider frequent visitors cards. They are valid for drop-in plays and helps you save on plays.

There are more benefits for all card holders:

  • 20% Off Friends & Family Tickets When Visiting With You. Up to 2 Guests for each visit are eligible and can be redeemed in-person only.

  • 10% Off on all Events including "Parents Night Out" and "Thursday Special"

  • Be The First to Know about Events & Offers


Pallet Pass_edited.jpg
Canvas Card_edited.jpg
Artist Access_edited.jpg

Let's Summer!

Make Liliput your second home,

the ideal station to pause and refresh while enjoying summer adventures. Let the kids dive into creative play and explore their imagination while you unwind with a cool drink on our beautiful patio. With our special summer passes, enjoy unlimited weekday visits and make the most of every moment!

Kids Summer Pass_edited.jpg
Adults Summer Pass_edited.jpg

Already a Card Holder? 

  • You can book your Time Slot using your Frequent Visitors Card online.

  • Up to 2 Friends & Family enjoys 20% off on their tickets at the door when visiting with you. (Don't need online reservation)

  • Only Card holder (The name on the card) can use it.

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