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Frequent Visitors

If you are Liliput's big fan, consider frequent visitors cards. They are valid for drop-in plays and helps you save on plays.

There are more benefits for all card holders:

  • 20% Off Friends & Family Tickets When Visiting With You. Up to 2 Guests for each visit are eligible and can be redeemed in-person only.

  • 10% Off on all Events including "Parents Night Out" and "Thursday Special"

  • Be The First to Know about Events & Offers


Pallet Pass_edited.jpg
Canvas Card_edited.jpg
Artist Access_edited.jpg

Already a Card Holder? 

  • You can book your Time Slot using your Frequent Visitors Card online.

  • Up to 2 Friends & Family enjoys 20% off on their tickets at the door when visiting with you. (Don't need online reservation)

  • Only Card holder (The name on the card) can use it.

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